About Us


Amidst a beautiful and natural paradise, one of the first foundries in Spain was built in 1837. With this, the village naturally evolved with workers’ living-quarters and houses nearby.

Once the activity ended and the foundry closed, the village was abandoned. It was not long before the village became ruins.

The property offers magnificient views with spectacular centenary palm trees, with its avocado plantations, exotic fruit and citrus plants which surround the property. This is truly a splendid manor house.

About Us

The maon door was once the entrance to a 19th century church. One can still see the remains of the foundry; the prime reason for this beautiful country estate.

We invite you to savour the unique surroundings with its magical atmosphere with the sound of trickling water, the exotic vegetation and the “grandeur” of the home.

These sensations interweave to create the perfect combination for this land.